to The Queens' Farm located in beautiful Southeast Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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About THe Queens' Farm

"As our homestead grows, so too may our bounty." 

Grady McCoy

"The Queens' Farm" is the name affectionately given by our friends to our small, petri-dish of a homestead in Southeast Fayetteville. It is a labor of love, born out of Drew and I's shared passion for food, poultry, and a rural way of living.

This website is to help us share our bounty as we grow, be it eggs or otherwise, and our enthusiasm for what we love to do!

 We hope you'll join us!   ~ Grady


What we grow

Availability changes frequently always contact us for the latest information on what we have on hand.


Cage free fresh eggs go fast so contact us below for availablity or sign up for our mail list above for our newsletter.

Our well cared for hens lay both white and brown eggs. Be sure to let us know which you prefer or a mix when contacting us for fresh eggs! .


Absolutely nothing in the world tastes better than home grown vegetables. And locally grown produce is far fresher than store-bought plus local food has more nutrients due to that freshness factor.

Each day that a vegetable sits on a truck or a shelf it loses nutrients.


Fresh herbs are of course delicious in your cooking, baking or even in drinks. But did you know that certain herbs have been found to enhance cognitive performance, prevent breast cancer, aid people with IBS and inflammation such as arthritis? You can learn more at Best Health Magazine.


"Please contact us for availability of eggs, etc. or with any questions.  As our homestead grows, so too may our bounty.  Keep in touch to see what the next season may bring!"


The Queens' Farm
Fayetteville, AR

Email : grady@thequeensfarm.com - Web : www.thequeensfarm.com Tel : 501.690.4999